Our vision for true social

Think about a friend, a place, a moment, a community where you can just be you. A Social Platform as a space of constant courage to embrace your inner Crazy Monkey.

That’s Wiffme – our impact for great moments, true connections and boarderless accaptance.

Your safe space to inspire, share, reflect and enjoy life without judgement or seeking for acceptance but true, authentic, and trustworthy. A space which lets all of us reconnect to our true self so we can create true connections again. A Social Platform that empowers all of us to be crazy, emotional, angry, lost and open-up to discover our uniqueness and grow without any borders.

Wiffme disrupts the way we see social media and shares tools to shift our actions to build meaningful communities - private and in business.

Our passion strives our mission

We are reaching to create 1 billion true connections by July 2025, through services which lets people and businesses embrace their inner Crazy Monkey to build sustainable and trustful communities.

What you can trust on

We simply don’t accept the state of affairs of social media for peoples one shot at life. We encourage you to follow your own Crazy Monkey rather than follow others. We stop adding great meaning to what is essentially meaningless. We won’t feed the outer ego of society anymore but provide sustainable power food for every individual inner soul.

It isn’t wealth or good looks or fame. It is the strength of a person’s social connection that matters most. It’s magical when individuals are given permission to share authentically. This allows people to shift from feeling alone, confused, and fearful to feeling supported, understood, and fearless. That’s why we embrace people’s inner Crazy Monkey and let them experience the deep joy of true connections.

Imagine every connection made – to a person, a place, a moment, a community – feeling like igniting a firework. So, let’s create fireworks around the world and build a community for true connections to something greater.

We do it, you should do it.

Passion 🚀

Live your Passion to ignite fireworks.

Use your passion to inspire yourself and others.

Crazy Monkey 🐵

Embrace your inner crazy monkey.

Open-up and discover your uniqueness and grow without any borders; be authentic

Joy 🎉

Spread Joy

Joy is: show your dog and hide your cat

Inspire 💥

Inspire true connections

Flourish connections to people, friends, family, moments, places, emotions to build meaningful communities

Fair 👍🏼

Care and be fair

Our foundation is build on inclusion, equality and sustainability

Transparency 🙌🏿

Push transparent behavior

Create a trustworthy environment by communicate honestly

Balance 🌟

Search for balance

Wiffme is a rollercoaster, are you ready for the ride

Reflective 🌈

Reflect what you do

Be aware of your roots and listen

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