We create true connections

to inspire to be you

Wiffme is your space to embrace your inner Crazy Monkey, your passion, your uniqueness without judgement. Use Wiffme to build meaningful communities and grow without borders.


Your Space.

Your Story.

No fake anymore. Not only bags are fake, our social life is too. In Wiffme being YOU creates trustworthy connection to a growing community of Crazy Monkeys - so you never have to hide yourself to seek acceptance.

How we do it?

Social Backbone.

Disruptive Engagement.

We bring everything together that's important to build sustainable connections to people, communities, places, businesses, moments, and emotions - locally to spread globally. We empower relationships through trust, joy, excitement, passion, inspiration - private and business can be true to inspire others.

couple showing real emotions at a sports event hugging

Our mission

Be part of pour mission.

To create 1 billion true connections by July 2025.

...through services which lets people and business embrace their Crazy Monkey to build sustainable and trustful communities.

Wiffme for you

To all future Crazy Monkeys

Your safe space is in development and ready mid 2022. Join our beta community and let your inner Crazy Monkey discover a world full of existing people, communities, places, moments, emotions.

Wiffme Business

Your Channel.

Your Uniqueness.

For businesses, Wiffme makes building meaningful connections as easy, seamless, and genuine as talking to each other.

A social service to highlight the real world experience in real time - share your moments, live insights on request, bring your location to life, emotions to go.

Wiffme für Unternehmen, authentische Restaurant-Besitzer

Grow Wiff us

+40% Conversion Rates - Our gift to you.

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Build lasting customer connections

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Grow with your authentic story

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Be you without effort

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DJ at a live event
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Eclairs in a bakery

One-Time Order.

Lifetime Customer.

Start to spread your passion, create connections and ignite fireworks.