Data Privacy Statement

Valid from: 01/01/2023

The protection of your data and the general transparency in the handling of your data is very important to us. You can visit our website “” without providing any personal information. We provide opportunities for functions or features to be made available through the live platform (WIFFme for short) via said website “” and our applications for mobile devices (APP for short). When you register as a user to use our Services/specific functions, personal data is collected. Detailed information on the type and scope of data collection can be found on the respective pages. The protection of your data is also important to us. Below we provide you with detailed information about what data we collect, how we use it, who we share it with, and the choices we give you about accessing, updating and deleting it.

We have tried to make the following regulations as easy to understand as possible and we recommend that you read them carefully.

1. Data collected

We collect two types of data:

a. Data provided by you.

b. Data we receive when you use WIFFme or our Services.

To give you an overview of what data is involved, these categories are explained in more detail below.

A. Data provided:

For example, registration by setting up an account already requires the provision of information/data.

When registering for free, you provide us with approximately i) your date of birth, ii) your name and iii) your telephone number, but you always remain anonymous to other users on WIFFme and your data is only passed on to us.

When registering for a paid subscription, you will also provide us with (i) your email address, (ii) your country of residence, (iii) your password, (iv) your name/user name (or that of your company), (v) payment details such as a credit card number, (vi) an address and (vii) any employee/team member names and telephone numbers.

Data such as videos and sound recordings that you send while using WIFFme and our Services are also provided to us – and in the case of paid subscriptions, to your employees, if any, or to third parties whom you serve and/or enable to use them. When using the WIFFme overview map integrated on your website (“WIFFme Map” for short), data and information from you or any visitors to your website (e.g. request, date and time) is provided to WIFFme, but only made available to third parties to the extent necessary for use.

Therefore, when using WIFFme and our Services, we ask that you do not provide content that you do not want anyone to see or that you do not want anyone to store or share.

B. Data we receive when you use WIFFme and our Services:

When you use WIFFme and our Services, we collect information about which services you or visitor users of your WIFFme Map use – for example, which live videos are viewed.

We provide below a detailed explanation of the types of information we receive and store when you use WIFFme and our Services:

a. Content data: We collect data about the content you provide on WIFFme and our Services and related metadata (which is data that contains information about the data you provide).

b. Usage data: We collect data about your activities in WIFFme and our Services. For example, we may collect data about:

  • How you use WIFFme and our Services.

  • What live videos you post online, watch, save and what requests you make.

  • How many requests and how many live videos you post online or which live videos you save.

c. Information about the devices you use: We collect data from devices used to access WIFFme and our Services, such as:

  • Data about hardware and software, such as the hardware model, operating software version, installed software and browser type;

  • Data about your Wi-Fi connection, such as IP address and signal strength;

  • Data about access to WIFFme and our Services, for example from a WIFFme Map that you may have integrated on your website;

  • Data about device sensors such as gyroscopes, compasses, microphones and whether headphones are connected.

d. Location data: We may also, with your permission, track your location using Wi-Fi access points, GPS, cell towers, wireless networks and other sensors such as gyroscopes and compasses.

e. Cookies: We may use cookies (which are text files containing information stored on your device) to collect data about your activity, browser and device, including for statistical analysis, when you use WIFFme and our Services.

The data we collect allows us to present you with more relevant ads/feedback and improve your experience with WIFFme and our Services. If you wish, you can remove or reject cookies via the device or browser settings. However, removing or rejecting cookies may affect the availability or functionality of WIFFme and our Services.

f. Log data: For example, when you use the WIFFme website, we collect the following information:

  • Information about how you use WIFFme and our Services;

  • pages viewed;

  • IP address;

  • Device data, such as language and web browser type;

  • Access times;

  • Data that can uniquely identify your device or browser; and

  • pages you visit before or after you surf our website.

2. Necessity of the use of data

In order for you to use WIFFme and our Services in the best way, we need the information we collect. These are required:

  • to develop, operate, improve, provide, maintain and protect WIFFme and our Services;

  • in order to be able to transmit or answer enquiries to you, in particular via the WIFFme overview map (Heatmap);

  • to be able to display in particular the WIFFme overview map (Heatmap) as well as WIFFme maps integrated on websites with which feedback provided is graphically displayed in real time through location-based live videos;

  • to send you communications, such as responses to support requests, or to send you information about WIFFme and our Services or related services and promotional offers that we think may be of interest to you;

  • to monitor and analyse the way in which WIFFme and our Services are used, as well as emerging trends in this context;

  • to personalise WIFFme and our Services by, among other things, suggesting info or customising content that is displayed to you;

  • to correlate your use of WIFFme and our Services with our live feedback by using location information to associate live video with location and display relevant content based on search queries;

  • to verify your identity and prevent fraud or other improper or illegal activities;

  • to be able to enforce our T&Cs and meet legal requirements.

    Furthermore, for Entrepreneur Use, information such as name, address, location and website of you/your company will be displayed on our WIFFme overview map (Heatmap) and the live videos created by you or your employees/team members will be associated with you/your company.

3. Data transmission

The use of WIFFme and our Services by means of free registration (Private Use) is anonymous and the creator is not displayed in the case of live videos created, while in the case of paid use uploaded videos are associated with your account, and your account/your company’s account is displayed.

If a user connects to a company after free registration (Employee Use), only name, telephone number, e-mail and GPS data as well as the content uploaded by the user will be exchanged between the user and the company and stored in the company’s account. The address and all other information of the user’s private account are not exchanged with other parties, but are only stored by WIFFme for operational purposes.

The data we collect can also be passed on – taking into account the aforementioned anonymity – as follows:

  • to other users of WIFFme and our Services regarding content you provide and data you have instructed us to share.

  • to third-party providers, for example, if you use third-party software authorised by us. We share your data when you connect your account to the third-party software.

  • to the public if you share content publicly (i.e. for everyone to see) as well as public data such as your name or the name of your company and your account picture. Content you make publicly available is viewable and shareable both on WIFFme and through our Services, including on websites, in apps, and in online and offline broadcasts.

  • to our business partners and third parties who perform services and/or provide functions on our behalf, including to measure and optimise performance and ads and to provide relevant ads.

  • in the context of company-related measures such as a merger or takeover of part or all of our company

    In addition, we may also share non-personal data or anonymised data with third parties.

    We may also share your information, such as device and usage data, to prevent or deter fraud and for legal or security reasons. Disclosure of information concerning you is necessary in particular for the following reasons:

  • to comply with legal process, governmental requests or applicable laws, rules or regulations.

  • to investigate, settle or pursue potential breaches of our General Terms and Conditions.

  • to protect our rights and safety or that of our users and others.

  • in order to detect and remedy fraud attempts and, for example, security vulnerabilities.

4. Third-party providers

WIFFme and our Services may contain third-party services, software or other integrations through which you provide information to third parties. If such services, software or other integrations are used, we are not responsible for how those third parties collect or use your information, so we encourage you to read the privacy statements of any third-party services, software or other integrations you use.

5. Duration of the storage of your data

WIFFme stands for real-time feedback and the possibility to share moments live, which is why we store your data as long as necessary for the use and further development of WIFFme/our Services as well as for the fulfilment of legal obligations. For paid subscriptions, we retain data for the contract period plus an additional 30 days. Subsequently, the data will be automatically deleted if the subscription is not renewed.

Live videos that have been created are automatically deleted after a maximum of 270 minutes – unless they have been saved by another user – and we then only retain metadata in this regard. For example, over a longer period of time we store:

  • your account information: Email address, your home country, your password, your name/username or the name of your company, your payment details such as your credit card number and your address.

  • Location data is stored for different periods of time depending on how accurate the location data is and what services you use. If location data is associated with a stored live video, we will retain the location data for as long as the live video is stored or available.

  • Metadata: These are permanently stored by us.

    Although we automatically initiate deletions of data that is no longer required, we cannot guarantee that content will be deleted or displayed on other platforms within a certain period of time. We may be required by law to retain your information or be required to preserve content if we are notified of abuse or other violations of our T&Cs, or if we become aware that your account or content you have created violates our T&Cs or other legal requirements.

6. Your control options

In order to give you the possibility to access, update and delete your data, we provide you with the following options:

  • Access and correction: You can access and edit your account information directly from your account settings.

  • Revoke consent: If you allow us to use your data, you can revoke your permission by changing the settings, if necessary. However, in this case you may no longer be able to use WIFFme and our Services without restrictions.

  • Deletion: You can delete some data, such as your account picture or live videos, via your account settings. If you want to delete your account, you can do this via the account settings.

7. Legal basis for the use of your data

The use of your data is permitted by law only under certain conditions, which are referred to as “legal bases”. We refer in particular to one of the following legal bases:

  • Fulfilment of the contract: Your data will be used by us in the context of the use of WIFFme/our Services agreed with you. This applies in particular to agreed paid use in order to receive your payment, for example, and to be able to allocate it to you, as well as to fulfil the contract of use.

  • Consent: Your consent to the use or processing of your data constitutes a separate legal ground on which we rely. In some cases, we may ask you to allow us to use your data for certain purposes. If we do, we will ensure that you can withdraw your consent on our Services or via your account settings. The legality of the use or processing carried out until revocation on the basis of the consent remains unaffected by the revocation.

  • Legitimate interest: The use of your data is necessary because we have a legitimate interest in it. In particular, it is necessary to use your data to provide WIFFme and our Services, as well as to improve and develop them. The protection of your account, the creation of live videos and contacting our customer support also require the use of your data.

  • Legal obligations: We may need to comply with a legal obligation to use your personal data, for example in the context of legal proceedings or if we need to take steps to protect our users.

8. Responsible body /data protection officer

We, hence WIFFme GmbH, Arsenalstraße 12/Top 905, 1100 Vienna, are the responsible body for data processing, and you can reach our data protection officer team at

9. Right to object to the use of data

Of course, you have the right to object to the use of your data. In some cases, we offer you the option to simply delete data if you do not want us to continue using it. You can prevent the use of your data in this respect by deleting/deactivating your account or our Services. You can do this in your account settings.

10. Complaints or questions

You can contact our data protection officer at any time with complaints or questions by sending an email to

You can also lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority in your member state.

11. Other rights concerning you

You also have the following rights in connection with your data:

a. The right of access (Article 15 of the GDPR) includes the right to obtain information from us as to whether data relating to you is being processed and, if so, to obtain access to it;

b. The right to rectification (Article 16 of the GDPR) and the right to erasure (Art. 17 of the GDPR) include the right to rectify inaccurate and/or incomplete data as well as to delete data if the request is justified;

c. The right to restriction of processing (Article 18 of the GDPR) includes the right to restriction of processing (also known as blocking), provided that the request is justified;

d. The right to data portability (Article 20 of the GDPR) includes the right to receive the data stored about you in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, including the right to transfer data directly to a controller;

e. The right to object (Article 21 of the GDPR) includes the right to object to the processing of data where the request is legitimate, including, where applicable, where the data is to be processed for the purposes of advertising and/or profiling;

f. The right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority in the event of unlawful data processing.

12. Revisions to the Data Privacy Statement

As technology and practices on the Internet evolve very quickly, this Data Privacy Statement and our conditions of use will also change. We therefore reserve the right to change this Data Privacy Statement. The current Data Privacy Statement is available on our website and we recommend that you visit our website regularly to take note of any changes. We will also inform you about changes to the Data Privacy Statement by notices on our website and in our APP.

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