Real World Excitement for your Website

Inspire with your story & turn your website visitors into sustainable leads and new customers.

Wiffme Map für Unternehmen

Your Location.

Your Story.

Be Unique. Be You.

We reconnect you to your community.

Wiffme provides a safe space to be you without any judgement. It’s a perfect balance of unique customer interaction and personalized impressions of your location.

Share your true you which has no space on other channels - inspire your community & create lasting customers, accelerate growth and revenue.

coffee location with happy employees, happy vibes & saxophonist playing music at a live event

Sustainable Growth.

Lasting Customer.

A disrupted customer interaction - Wiffme is designed for sustainable customer acquisition, building the social backbone for true, digital relationships with new leads and your communities - uncompromising simplicity for borderless growth.

One Map.

100% Reach.

The new Wiffme Live Map - more than a map. Or something to post videos. We focus on you, your business, your authenticity. Wiffme lets everybody seek emotions straight from where you are - location-based live interaction, and real-time insights on request.

standortbasierte Interaktionen auf der Wiffme Map

Globale Connections.

Einmalige Integration.

Start in seconds - connect immediately. No design or coding know-how needed. Create your individual map with our simple editor. Turn your website visitors into qualified customers, interact live and spread your word - globally, real & now.

globale Wiffme Map spricht neue Kundensegmente an

Make yourself & location accessible in the most authentic way.

All on your channel - full traffic, customized analytics, 100% engagement, no registration, no download, seamless & recurring. The world’s most powerful and easy-to-use map with live insights into your world.

Wiffme Dashboard overview for businesses
Wiffme Dashboard request history

Tailor-made for you

Customer First Approach - The map for the most valuable connections of all time. Create leads that are lasting customers. Let’s define your individual Wiffme service together


Live positioning 365 days a year


Best performance & faster loading


Customize within your CI

DJ at a live event
man with leg prosthesis shows strength
Eclairs in a bakery

Main Questions upfront

Is Wiffme a match for my company too?


How do I use Wiffme to reach my communities?


How little is my effort with Wiffme?


How does Wiffme help me getting a better conversion from prospects to customer?


One-Time Order.

Lifetime Customer.

Flourish connections to your customers, moments, locations, emotions to build meaningful communities. Start in seconds, connect immediately.