Integrate Wiffme into your website

I. Generate the access token

Create a new Wiffme account, personalize your map and publish it. We create a unique access token that you need to embed the map on your website.

If you have already published your map, jump directly to point 2.2.

II. Copy the token to the clipboard


via the configurator

Clicking on the highlighted symbol next to the token will copy it to your clipboard.


via your dashboard

If you have already published your map, you can access the token via your dashboard. Simply navigate to the section ›My map‹, click on ›show Access Token‹ and copy.

III. Open up the HTML viewer

Choose your web host. Check now where you can find the viewer in your content management system to embed the token.

IV. Embed the token into your HTML code

Make sure you don't paste the token into any other code snippet. Otherwise, errors will appear on your website. This step is the same for all content management systems.

V. You have successfully embedded the map into your website

It may take a few minutes for the widget preview to appear on your website. We will inform you by email when everything is set up.

You need support?

Our experts are ready to go and happy to help. Let's get the best result for your bussines.