Excitement & Emotions as Door Opener

The authentic passion that is neglected far too often, but opens all doors.

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A variety of character traits serve us as door openers on life's journey. Whether to your heartthrob, your boss or your co-workers – what you trigger with your behaviour is reflected in their actions. This is because your actions create emotions in people as a response. Emotions control behaviour and can be influenced. Used skilfully and with purpose, emotions work much like hypnosis so that we can use them to open almost any door if we really want to and know how it works.

Emotions work like hypnosis

Just think back to the last time you ate in a restaurant. What influenced the amount you tipped the serving staff? Neither the food, nor the decoration, nor the cleanliness of the establishment, but rather how the staff behaved. The impression you got will be positive if the waiter or waitress was in a good mood and this carried over to you. The service staff serve you drinks, food and finally the bill, but the crucial question is not what, but how they do it. When working out the tip, your feelings and emotions play much more of a role than rational considerations.

Emotions are even more important in the decision-making process. When questions come up like – do I want to go there, do I want to buy this, do I want to take part in that – you find out as much information as you can when you're in a balanced mood. In contrast, when you're in a good mood, you need far less information to make a decision which to you appears seemingly rational. Which is exactly what I’m talking about. The conclusion of what I'm getting at, and what each and every one of us knows is that, "it just seems right to me" or "I just have a good feeling about it" and that's the direction your business needs to grow in.

A good vibe in the decision-making process transfers to your customer's impression of your product

If your company succeeds in making a prospective customer feel good at the moment they're making a decision to buy, your product or service will sell like hot cakes. The explanation is simple and repeats ad infinitum. If your customer is in a good mood during the decision-making process it transfers to the impression that they have of your product. Without noticing it, your customer also puts your product in a good light. So a mood is nothing more than a pair of glasses through which we perceive the world.

And you actually thought that the notion of hypnosis as described at the start was exaggerated... This process, mind you, is not only limited to traditional areas like sales. It can also be applied to attitudes like helpfulness or the willingness to donate.

A mood is a pair of glasses through which we perceive the world

Creating positive emotions takes effort. The gold standard of positive emotion, however, is excitement. Yet, enthusiasm cannot be achieved with commitment alone and without the right background environment. It takes more for that. Positive vibes can be simulated, but enthusiasm starts with you being yourself. To be yourself, you have to rely on your gut feeling and find a space that tolerates the pure authenticity of the real you without judging or debasing it. Listening to what your gut feeling says is one thing, but trusting it is another. It takes time and a great deal of courage not to be anyone but yourself, because it leaves you completely out on a limb. Yet, isn't that what you have always strived for – a feeling of uniqueness and being in a unique position? How often has some asked you, "What sets you apart from the rest?"

Emotions and enthusiasm are a magnet to others, hypnotise them, control how they behave and influence the decisions they make. Particularly effective is when they unfold in the right place at the right time. Live, real, and where, when and how you want. And we’re convinced as well that we have something that’s perfect for you...


  • Emotions have a big influence on the decision-making process.

  • The gold standard of positive emotion is excitement.

  • Positive vibes can be simulated, but excitement begins with being yourself!

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