True connections as the new marketing

Bring your customers into a community full of trust and true emotions to inspire them again and again.

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The basic idea of marketing means nothing more than aligning your overall business to the needs of the market. Yet why should I align everything that I personally stand for as a company boss or employee with the values and wishes of others? Why should we abandon our connection to our own values and instincts simply to conform to the egos of others. Today each and every one of us is telling a story that we don't personally believe in. This is exactly why we need to stop recounting stories about ourselves 'en passant' and start writing them together through the connection we have with one another. Because connections are the new marketing.

Today everyone is telling a story that you don't believe yourself.

Here's a little brain teaser for you: how many restaurants do you visit on a regular basis just because the food is good? How many restaurants do you eat at regularly simply because you know the head waiter, owner or kitchen chef? And which restaurant do you eat at because the food suddenly got better after you made the acquaintance of the head waiter or the chef?

When we feel connected to a person, it doesn't matter if the shoes are green, black, or red.

When we feel connected to a person, it doesn't matter if the shoes they wear are green, black or red. Often we just drop by the shop to keep the connection going without actually needing to buy something. But when you really think about it, you wouldn't dream of going to any other shop.

I myself have been going to the same barber for about five years. The barber comes from Syria and can only understand half of what I say, so my haircut hasn't really come out as I want for years. But he tells me a different story every month, which we rewrite together every time. He keeps telling me to come back every week, not to cut my hair, mind you, but just to keep the connection going. Marketing therefore means selling a haircut that your customer doesn't actually want.

Old marketing means selling a hairstyle that you actually don't want to have. New marketing is a real connection that manages to move people, customers and employees because you excite them with your authentic story and they want to become part of your community.

This may sound implausible, but connection and feeling connected to others is a deeply rooted need. We long for it and when we get it, something magical happens. We no longer see the product or the service, but the people behind it. A connection like this happens when guests or customers come as strangers and leave as friends and stay in touch with us because of that friendship.

And yet there is even more: imagine being able to give your customers and employees a space where they can transport the spirit and vibe of your business both on the inside and to the outside world. Where we can share moods - positive and negative - with one another. This is a place where life and work, business and friendship merge seamlessly. Vibes spread like a common cold. They go viral and trigger the same emotions and feelings in other people. Instead of having an increasing number of employees taking time off sick, you inject Crazy Monkeys into your business, promote cohesion, support and honesty within and also represent these values on the outside. People won't necessarily know what your business does exactly, but, at a minimum, they'll be excited about how you go about it.

So why is it that my haircut hasn't once made me unhappy in the last five years? Because it's not money or looks that make me happy, but the strength of our social bonds. It's not important to what, where or how this bond arises. It can attach itself to places, people, moments, etc. And it is crucial that it is honest and unbiased. Sharing something with someone when you are feeling "uncool" or "embarrassed" represents the strongest currency and bond in the world, because it never loses its value.

This is the great opportunity that we offer and deliver to you with Wiffme. A bond with your community - customers and employees - which dwarfs customer loyalty and internal afterworks as you have known them up to now.


  • Make your customers and employees feel like they have always been a part of your story.

  • True connections enable consistency and trust in business.

  • Life and work, business and friendship shine brighter when there is a true connection between them

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